May 25, 2012

Tips for selllers to make their house score perfect 10

With the current market trending in favor of the seller, we’re getting a
lot of questions about potential home improvements and ideas to ready
homes for sale. How would your home rate to potential buyers? Now
more than ever, it’s important to put your best foot forward and do
everything feasible to make your property stand out from the rest.
Is your home in model condition? Most buyers are looking for a move-
in-ready property. They might want to change a paint color but other
than that, they want a simple process. And some are willing to pay top
dollar to avoid the hassle of making improvements or changes prior to
moving in. But you don't have to undertake a Jacqueline Kennedy-style
restoration to receive high accolades. Here are five simple ideas to
maximize your position without breaking the bank:
De-Clutter . It’s not enough just to put away your personal family
photos. You want your home to appear as spacious as possible. The best
way to do that is put away extraneous knickknacks. Remove oversized
furniture. Pack up all those DVDs and tidy the television stand. You do
want to move, so start packing. If you don’t spend weekends glued to
HGTV and are otherwise designed challenged, ask your real estate
professional for a referral to a professional stager. Lighting is also an
essential tool. Avoid using overhead lighting during a showing and opt
for table lamps instead. Open up the blinds and drapes to allow as much
natural light as possible into the space. Well-placed lighting can make a
space appear larger than it is.
Freshen up the interior walls with a neutral color . Paint is a relatively
affordable tool in your home-selling arsenal. You can choose to paint
every room neutral or simply touch up your existing neutral paint.
Neutral doesn’t always mean boring beige—lighter shades of blues or
medium greens can be comforting and bring about a calmness that
might make a buyer linger and get a closer look. Bright white trim both
on the interior and exterior is also a great way to give a clean, fresh look
to the home.
Clean or replace flooring . If you have carpet, at the very least you
should have it cleaned. You don’t have to hire a professional, although
carpet cleaning companies are usually affordable and well worth the
money. If you have wood or tile or even vinyl, make it sparkle. It’s
amazing the effect a good scrub up and fresh, clean smell can have on a
potential buyers’ senses.
Remove your furry family members during showings. Sometimes you
might think it is okay to leave them in a crate or in the garage with a
note warning not to go into that space. That’s not fair to a buyer who
wants to see the entire house. Also, as much as we love our pets, pet
smells are very unattractive. A stained rug and a sofa cover made of fur
are big turn offs. And barking dogs can limit a buyer’s enjoyable
experience just as much as a full litter box.
Mow the lawn . The yard is the first impression. If you’ve got a Chevy
Chevette up on blocks in the front yard with stray cats living in it, you
should probably think about getting rid of it (and seeking mental health
guidance). A tidy landscape can make all the difference in the world. I’ve
had buyers decide not to see a property based solely on the tall grass and
weeds in the flowerbeds. The same principle as de-cluttering the inside
also applies to the yard.
And a bonus tip: Make sure to clean up your mind. The number-one
thing I emphasize to sellers is to change the way they view the property.
Once you commit to selling, the property becomes a liability and it’s no
longer your home. If you remove yourself mentally from the comfort
factor, the process of packing up and moving on becomes much easier.
Besides, you need to store up all that affection for the awesome new
place you’re moving into.
Successful sales are made of these very simple tips. Dolly Parton once
said of her beauty regimen, “If it’s sagging, dragging or bagging, have it
nipped, tucked and sucked.” The same could be applied to the house you
wish to sell.

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