Jul 9, 2012

Land Share Statement

LAND SHARE STATEMENT on different type of constructions

Achievable F.S.I. (No. of times .of construction
area to the land area)
Undivided share of land area for every 1000 Sft. of constructed area
Dis advantages

  Independent house
1.25 (due to restriction on plot coverage, set back restrictions)
800 Sft.
i) Better appreciations,
ii) open space availability,
iii) Privacy;

i) More investment,
ii) Problems in locating
the property
iii) Legal issues,
iv) safety,
v) Attending the
maintenance problem
vi) And more maintenance

  Gruond + one building
1.35 to 1.45 (reduction due to restriction on plot coverage, set back space, No. of Kitchen and carpark restrictions)
710 Sft.
i) Lesser maintenance,
ii) Safety

i) Lesser open space,
ii) Parking restriction,
iii) Lack of extra facilities
like Gym, playground etc.
iv) Smaller roads

  Gruond + 3 storied building (or) stilt + 4 storied
1.6 (increase due to non F.S.I. area like headroom, lumber room areas )
625 Sft.
i) More open space
ii) Better land share
iii) Good ventilation
i) Higher maintenance

  Gruond + 4 floors and above
2.6 (increase due to non F.S.I. area like headroom, lumber room and associate room areas etc.)
385 Sft.
i) Better ventilation,
ii) More of open space
iii) More amenities
iv) Wider approach road

i) Lesser land share,
ii) Very highmaintenance
iii) More crowd

The land share is calculated on the basis of construction without any deviation from CMDA rules.

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