Feb 10, 2014

Real Estate Buyer Dilemma- Land or Flat?

As the Real Estate market is always dynamic, buyers get confused as to whether they should buy Land or Flat.
To clarify, Real Estate is all about location.
Once the buyer decides on the location of her choice then she should estimate all the financial resources available at her disposal for the purchase.
Next comes the size required for her family. Whether 2 or 3 BHK home would suffice her family and what would be the size or sq ft required.
Based on location and total budget and the size one can decide based on affordability whether to buy land or flat.
When you buy land/house you have security and maintenance issues which are typical for a single family home.
In case of flats there is an advantage of community living with all amenities.
Based on our experience in Real Estate land has appreciated 10 times in value Vs 5 times in case of flat in the past 10 years in our neighborhood.
Now once you decide on purchase of land or flat a reputed real estate agent can help and guide with the entire process of property purchase.

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