Apr 22, 2015

Vaastu Tips

Vaastu Tips for your home:
1. Avoid South east and south west facing entrance.
2. West, North, East and North east are good.
3. Kitchen should be in South East corner of your home.
4. Master Bedroom should be in South West Corner.
5. Having a Window or a balcony straight in front of entrance is considered good.
6. Don't have any water body in the south.Eg: Swimming Pool. Fountains, etc.
7. Can have water bodies in the North.
8. Cooking platform should be facing east or west.
9. Kitchen should not be near the entrance.
10.If there is a wall facing the entrance, mount a mirror on the wall.
11.Get rid of old newspapaers, pens which do not write, etc. Get rid of unwanted stuffs.
12.Never keep cactus, rubber plants or milk producing plants inside the house.
13. Never sleep in front of a mirror.
14. Never keep medicines in Kitchen.
15. Keep your pooja room in the most clean place which is not always visible to anyone who enters your home.
16. Never close your pooja room with door which completely blocks. It can be closed with doors which have tiny holes.

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